Alone with our Thoughts

In this crazy world, where every moment can be filled with some kind of distraction or entertainment, we seem to have forgotten what it’s like to be quiet. Being alone with our thoughts is something that has become scary – even something that we want to avoid at all costs. Have you ever tried meditation?

Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation

A worrying study was published in Science recently, where people were left alone in a room without any distraction. And they were given a choice. They could just sit there, getting through an astounding 15 minutes of alone time, or administer electric shocks to themselves. Scarily enough, most of them chose to give the shocks, feeling more at ease with doing something (even if that meant hurting themselves) than just being quiet.

It seems we have become scared of our own thoughts. Or do we simply not know how to be quiet anymore?

Meditation, mindfulness and yoga have become commonly used phrases. They are practiced by many, to step out of the fast-paced world around us and learn to be silent, inside ourselves.

Since Alex past away and I started my Spiritual Journey, I truly believe in meditation. When we quiet our minds, we can communicate with our higher self, our guardian angels, our spirit guides. We can even hear messages from our loved ones. I just wish I had known this earlier, because I believe this is something that can greatly benefit not just ourselves, but our children.

Think about it. Our children are staring at screens more often than not and we don’t even teach them how to be quiet and just listen to their own thoughts. Perhaps we don’t teach them because we don’t know how to do it ourselves. Or, it is because there is always something chattering in the background, or, that we prefer our tablets over our thoughts?

There have been many studies that show positive effects of meditation on adults and children alike. We feel less anxious, less stressed and can take on the world better. Also, if something terrible happens, the weight can become easier to bear.

If we meditate as parents, we are an example to our children, showing them it’s not scary or strange to be alone with your thoughts, that you don’t have to give yourself an electric shock just to avoid being truly quiet.

Even better would be to meditate together with our children. A great book that explains meditation to children is “Peaceful Piggy”. The book suggests a wonderful way to demonstrate children what meditation is all about – one that wouldn’t be wasted on many adults either.

Take an empty jar and put some sand on the bottom, topping it up with water. Close the lid and shake the jar. All the grains of sand, floating around in the water, represent thoughts. The swirling grains are your thoughts during the day – all over the place. Yet if you leave the jar, allowing each grain to settle back onto the bottom – it’s quiet again, the water clear. Just like your thoughts can settle through meditation.

What’s more, when our minds are quiet they are also more receiving. Not just of new thoughts or ideas, but of the Spiritual world, of intuition, of love.  I cannot teach Alex meditation anymore, but I feel he is always with me on this Journey, communicating with me, especially in those quiet moments.

4 thoughts on “Alone with our Thoughts

  1. Quiet time is so scarce in our noisy world today that it is a special gift. Unfortunately, many of our young people seem afraid of their own thoughts. As the adults in their world, it is our job to help them learn how to turn off the noise and just “be” within themselves. Thank you for following me at Triggershorse. – Fawn


  2. Could it be that Alex was your greatest teacher? Although his time here was brief, he brought you to the lesson your soul was meant to learn. “There is no greater love that a man give his life for another.” (John 15:13). Perhaps his mission was accomplished. Be at peace, dear one.


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