A Star in the Sky

Alex Fraser was a young man with a winning smile and a unique nature. At 18 years old, he was sensitive, compassionate and had a brilliant sense of humor. He led a life of great talent, excelling in sports (specifically baseball and hockey). His personality shone out in his games and he loved putting his all into every game.

Alex as Pitcher

Alex as Pitcher

Alex is an angel that was cruelly taken from this world. A victim of anxiety who felt too on edge to cope any longer. A young man such as this one does not come around very often, he was a true miracle. The boy that was once buoyant and hopeful quickly became a boy with distant dreams and a faded future.

However, when we look towards the night sky, Alex is there watching over us. A star in the sky, a reminder of the vastness of the universe, in which we all play our seemingly small, yet indispensable parts. Every little act of kindness, every word of advice, every thought in our minds – it matters. It may not be visible and you may not feel it, not even believe it, but it is there. We are one and always connected, even to the stars in the sky.

When we look in our hearts, Alex is there guiding us. Let his sacrifice be an inspiration to those struggling. Let the suffering of his loved ones be a reminder of the pain caused by so drastically stepping out of life.

When we look at the world around us, Alex is there with us. He is in the trees outside, in the wind that rustles the leaves, in the rain, the snow, the sun and the shadows. Let his energy, and that of all the others that have left the world of the living, fill you up in times of sorrow and remind you of the beauty of the world we live in. Listen to the voices that are hard to hear, listen to their silent whispers.

Let them tell you that this life is worth the struggle, that there is so much to live for. That when your time is up, the world of spirits will be there. But that your time on Earth is now.

For Alex, his time on Earth has ended. I cannot tell him to stay anymore. I cannot help him through his struggles. But he is not gone. He may no longer be there to touch, to speak out and to breathe. But he is always with me – in the stars, in my heart, in everything around me. His heart may no longer be beating, but his soul is forever beaming.

Never let it be said that this world is no longer a beautiful place to be. There are so many good people on this planet. And those that are no longer here, they lay in the stars above and they live amongst us spiritually. Alex is watching over those he loved, he is watching over those who need his prayers and need his guidance. Alex is a star in the sky, a soul of great passion, empathy and love.

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