Keep an Open Mind: Be Guided by Your Intuition

Life turns on a dime. With the death of my son, Alex, my life was forever changed. So often in the case of such a devastating loss you shut down. That was my initial reaction. My life was never the same…but in order to survive the tragedy and restore peace and meaning to my existence I knew I would need a spiritual solution.

Alex, A Beautiful Soul

Alex, A Beautiful Soul

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance—that principle is contempt prior to investigation.” William Paley

There is a higher purpose to each soul. There are different levels of consciousness and awareness to be explored. I discovered that one must be open to learning. I am learning a lot when I keep the doors open.

I have been very open-minded and have gone with the flow where my intuition has taken me. I am trying to be receptive and listen to the intuition of others, as well as, develop my own.

Whatever form it takes, intuition can lead you to knowledge, direct your path, push you out of the way of danger, and help you to make the right decisions.

Your intuition or sixth sense is always trying to get your attention.

There are at least five ways that your intuition may be tapping on your consciousness from your subconscious mind:

1. The Déjà vu Experience

When you get the strong impression that, you have been here before and you know that the story has an unhappy ending, pay attention! Either you have been in this exact same situation before or you are just receiving an important message through a strong feeling of familiarity.

2. The Little Voice That Won’t Shut Up

That nagging voice that keeps telling you to check on something, to go or to stop could be your intuition. The unconscious mind sees everything and sometime it knocks on the door of the conscious mind to warn us of things to come. If the voice is persistent and it keeps telling you to “do” something or to “go” somewhere don’t ignore it. That little voice is on a mission. It won’t be quiet until you listen and act on what your intuition is telling you. As long as the voice isn’t urging you to do something, illegal or harmful you should take it at its word.

3. The “Gut” Feeling

Did you ever just know something that there is no way you could possibly know? This invisible instinct may stop you in your tracks. Suddenly out of nowhere, you just know what is going to happen or what you need to do. Go with that “gut instinct,” it won’t steer you wrong!

4. Other People’s Insight

Don’t discount perceptions because they are not coming from within you. Sometimes the universe sends signs. Sometimes that little voice that won’t shut up is coming from someone else. There are very learned people that will serve as teachers and guiding lights.

When you give yourself, permission to follow your intuition you feel more balanced. If you are headed the right direction, it just feels right. When your subconscious mind is guiding your consciousness, one thing will lead to another.

The more you are guided by intuition, acting on what it’s trying to tell you, the more confidence, you will have. Regardless of what decisions you have to make (sex, power, money, health) and what form it may take, listen to allow yourself to be guided by that your sixth sense.

5. Listen to the Voices

My spiritual and metaphysical path has kicked down the door of my doubt and fear. The more I continue on my journey, the easier it becomes to trust the voices of teachers, angels, and even those that are no longer with us in the physical world.

Sometimes we hear voices from outside ourselves. It is more complicated than simple intuition at work. These voices are from our angels, our guides, and souls that have moved from this reality to the next. Listen to the voices that are trying to help us along the way, comfort us in our grief, educate and enlighten us.

5 thoughts on “Keep an Open Mind: Be Guided by Your Intuition

  1. I often have deja vu and believe it means I’m on the right path (though with life’s challenges weighing heavily on my heart, it doesn’t always feel like the right path). I think God gifts us intuition so we may FEEL His words, not just hear them.

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