The Boys of Summer

My son, Alex had an amazing group of friends. They always seemed to be laughing. There were inside jokes and so much camaraderie between them.  They are an amazing group of teenagers. I am so glad that Alex had them in his life.  I always told them what great boys they were and how grateful I was they had each other.

Alex's Pallbearers & Friends

Alex’s Pallbearers & Friends

Alex played hockey and baseball with all of them. He spent so much of his time on road trips for sports in hotels, on buses and riding around in their cars.

They played sports and partied together. Teenage hours spent talking about their hopes, dreams and aspirations. Alex was bright and engaging. He was unique among his friends. He was more of a philosopher and a deep thinker. Alex was more serious.

When the guys were talking about girls, Alex was more interested in talking about the universe. His friends explained that it was a bit of a joke amongst them, that Alex was so “otherworldly” and had a wide variety of interests.

They were devastated by his death. I remember the pain and beauty of watching his friends at his funeral. These “boys of summer,” still destined to grow into men, were so very solemn and stoic as pallbearers. A couple of them continue to have a really hard time coping with his loss. They love Alex, so much.


I worry about survivors guilt. I want the “boys of summer” to continue to live their lives into the autumn and the winter. I wish for them happiness, fulfillment, joy and most of all that they feel peace of mind. I pray that they continue on. I want them to embrace life.

I love my son so much that some of that love spilled over onto his friends. Now that he isn’t here anymore, I still love them. And I want them to have everything in the physical world that Alex is missing. I guess I want them to live on for Alex’s sake.

A group of young men went out and got tattoos emblazoned with “Alex Fraser 1995-2014 V.”

Close friends of Alex connected for eternity with a tattoo

Close friends of Alex connected for eternity with a tattoo

The Roman numeral 5 was his number in both hockey and baseball. I cried when a couple of the guys stopped by to show my husband and I the tattoo. And then I took this picture.

These wonderful young men have permanently immortalized Alex on their bodies.  Alex is still with us in spirit and I know he is honored by their symbol of their love for him.

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